Second Hand Bicycles

Second Hand Bicycles

Second Hand Bicycles are great! They let you enjoy good biking experience without the cost of buying new bikes.

 Second Hand Bicycles

Used Bicycles UK

There are lots of places where you can buy second hand bicycles or used/ preowned bikes in the UK.

Choosing The Right Kind Of Bike For You

When shopping for bicycles you need to know what you are looking for, otherwise it can be a pretty confusing endeavour.

There are different types of bicycles based on function, style, frame design and propulsion.


To reduce or even eliminate any form of confusion, the most popular types of bicycles are

Traditional or cruiser bikes/bicycles – Built for comfort and not speed. With high handle bars so you can sit upright and not strain your neck. Perfect for beginners.

Road Bikes – Also known As racing bicycles are built for speed and not primarily comfort. So they are pretty light and do not have some extra accessories that traditional bikes have.

Mountain Bikes – Made to be ridden over different kinds of rough terrains. Definitely not for beginners as you need a good understanding of some technicalities of terrains and bike functions to enjoy this.

Hybrid Bikes – Like the name hybrid suggests, hybrid bicycles are a cross btw mountain and road bikes. There is a balance between speed and comfort with this. So they make good bicycles for beginners.

Touring Bikes – Made for tourists to enjoy long rides balancing comfort and speed.

Folding bicycles – These are foldable bikes, that you can carry along with you will traveling as they take as little space as possible.

NOTE:These are just a couple of the popular ones, bicycle types are classified based on different reasons. This is in no way a complete list  it’s just something to give you an introductory info about popular bike types.

No matter what type of bike you choose to go for, just make sure you balance your expertise, needs and budget. You can get any of them for cheap if you decide to buy second hand bikes.

Getting The Best Deal

Second Hand Bikes

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